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Pyro Jump 1.0.7

Pyro Jump 1.0.7 Free Download

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Play with fire without getting burnt


Pyro Jump is a free smartphone platform game with really cute design and simple gameplay. Developed by Pinpin Team, the objective of this app is to reach the paper princess that Pyro, the flame protagonist, has fallen in love with. To do this, Pyro will have to avoid obstacles and jump over different wheels and platforms, collecting flames to increase the score.

The visual design is really charming, with customized wheels and a really cute flame jumping around with cartoon effects. The HD graphics enhance the overall aspect of the game with smooth animations. The effects are well implemented, giving Pyro a nice aspect when it comes to jumps. Furthermore, the sound aspect doesn't have much variety on its tracks, offering the same repetitive melody with some added sound effects so that it's not too plain and dull.

The controls for this downloadable title are as simple as tapping the touchscreen for making the flame jump to the nearest place it can land. With just this, the game comes in pretty handy and it is easy to play. Finishing all the available levels, more than 90 stages, may not take you too long, but the real challenge will be the different achievements and the three star scores for all the stages.

Cute design and intelligent levels
Cute design and intelligent levels


Pyro Jump shows that good design and simple gameplay are the essential elements for guaranteed success. The best part of the title is that it can sometimes be challenging when it comes to later stages. The first set of stages will present to you in a general way all the different types of wheels and their properties. You will find regular wheels in which you will spin around when you jump on them, spiky wheels that can’t be touched if you want to keep on playing, jumping wheels which boost your standard jump and the TNT wheel that will explode in a short time once you touch it. The variety of these wheels increases according to your progress in the worlds that follow.

Pyro Jump shows that a good design and a simple gameplay are the essential elements for success

In Pyro Jump, the dexterity is needed to correctly land on the platforms through the stage with good precision. Additionally, there are little flames spread all over the level. For getting the highest possible score you will need to get them all, but this won’t be an easy job since in certain stages it will require coordination with your taps and knowledge of the situation of the wheels for landing on them without falling down.

Collect all the flames on the stages
Collect all the flames on the stages

Pyro Jump 1.0.7 Features

Check the main feature of Pyro Jump in the list below:

  • Easy and intuitive way to play - tapping on the screen to jump over obstacles to reach the paper princess in this romantic, idyllic storyline
  • More than 90 different stages available divided in several worlds and secret unlockable levels
  • High Definition graphics with smooth animations for smartphones running with Android and iOS systems
  • Get all the 25 available achievements completing the different tasks connected to Google Play
  • Periodic automatic updates for adding new content with a simple free download

For additional information, check its official website through this link.

Take care of the spiky wheels!
Take care of the spiky wheels!

System Requirements

Check out the specifications for this smartphone app before the download:

  • OS: iOS 4.3 or Android 2.2 installed on your device
  • Size: 36MB for Android version and 47.1 MB free space for iOS

free download


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